Unsolved Murders

Clarence Chadwick

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 3 Jun 1924

Place: Brodsworth, Doncaster

Clarence Chadwick died a year after being involved in a scuffle.

An open verdict was returned.

It was heard that on 21 April 1923 that he had been involved in a dispute in a billiard-hall at Brodsworth near Doncaster where he had been employed as the manager. He was said to have been trying to eject an alleged refractory individual and during the scuffle they had both rolled down a flight of steps and then continued to wrestle.

Clarence Chadwick was able to return to work after the incident, but three months later he was taken to the Leeds Infirmary and then after being there for another three months he was taken to Ancoats Hospital for special treatment where he later died.

A doctor said that Clarence Chadwick died from myasthenia gravis, a serious affection of the muscles that brought about very rapid exhaustion. He noted that his brain, skull and spine were all intact and showed no sign of injury.

When the Coroner returned his verdict, he noted that when a person died after a year and a day following an alleged assault, that no criminal charge could be brought. He further added that in the present case that there was also not sufficient evidence to show how the fatal diseases had been caused, and nothing to show whether its effects had been accelerated by violence.

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