Unsolved Murders

Sofia Lincker de Lutzenvick

Age: 59

Sex: female

Date: 7 Feb 1963

Place: River Thames, Chelsea Bridge

Sofia Lincker de Lutzenvick was found dead in the River Thames near Chelsea Bridge on 7 February 1963.

She had lived in Lexton Gardens, Balham with her son-in-law and his wife for the previous nine years, and had been a widow.

She was said to have suffered from depression since 1954 but that the depression had become worse since August 1962 and she was given some drugs which improved her considerably. However, she was last seen at the hospital on 15 January 1963 at which time she was said to have relapsed to a mild extent.

Her son said:

Her mental state was getting worse. She had depressions, and kept very much to herself, she was not very communicative. Lately she had taken up a job doing some sewing. It was to keep her occupied.

He said that the last time she was seen alive was on 7 February 1963 by his wife before she left for work.

She was seen in the river later that day by the master of a tug near Chelsea Bridge and brought ashore to Cadogan Pier.

The pathologist said Sofia de Lutzenvick had not been in the water for long, and that he had no doubt that her death was due to drowning.

Her inquest, which was held at Hammersmith, returned an open verdict after it was heard that how she got into the water was a mystery.

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