Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: male

Date: 1 Mar 1963

Place: Beechcroft Road, Upper Tooting

The body of a newly-born baby girl was found in a telephone kiosk in Beechcroft Road, Upper Tooting in March 1963.

It was found wrapped up in a polythene bag and a newspaper. The package was found by a man that had lived in Crockerton Road in Upper Tooting when he went into the kiosk to make a call. After finding it he called the police.

The inquest heard that it had died from shock and a fractured jaw.

The police made enquiries with doctors, ante-natal clinics, midwives, district nurses, LCC visitors and at houses in the locality in an effort to trace the mother, but without luck.

A detective inspector said:

We have also seen various informants whom we thought may have been able to help, but we have got absolutely nowhere. It has been impossible to trace the mother.

The newspaper wrapping and polythene bag was also examined for fingerprints, but nothing was revealed.

However, the inquest heard that there was insufficient evidence regarding the circumstances of the death, and an open verdict was returned.

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