Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: female

Date: 22 May 1963

Place: Dudley Canal, Woodside, Dudley

The body of a newly-born female child was found in in a canal at Dudley on 22 May 1963.

The police appealed for any midwife or district nurse with information to contact them.

The body was found by a blacksmith that had lived in Owen Street, Dudley at 2.30pm on 22 May as he was walking along the canal near his place of work, George Gadd and Co Ltd in Woodside. he said that as he was walking along he saw a parcel floating in the water.

The police were then called out and it was found that the parcel contained the body of the baby.

A detective sergeant said that the water where the body was found was polluted and that it had been in a transparent bag with rags nearby.

A doctor that examined the body said that he found no signs of any injury and found that death could have occurred between Christmas and early April. He added:

I have no conclusion how it died, not even a guess.

The inquest heard that there was insufficient information to say whether the child had been born alive or not.

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