Unsolved Murders

Thomas Thomas

Age: 44

Sex: male

Date: 12 Feb 1921

Place: Star Supply Stores, Garnant, Carmarthenshire

Thomas Thomas was beaten to death in his shop and £126 was stolen.

On 13 February 1921 at 9am his neighbour noticed that the back door of Thomas Thomas's shop was open and that the lights were full on. He knew that Thomas Thomas had been working late on the Saturday night and called up the basement stairs but got no reply. He then met the senior shop assistant and they went into the shop together.

Thomas Thomas was found in the front of the shop lying dead in a pool of blood.

He was found to have a puncture wound to the front of his throat that had severed his caroted artery and the jugular vein. He also had a fractured skull and had been stabbed in the abdomen, a wound for which his clothes had been opened.

A yard brush was found covered in blood near his head. A shop knife used in the attack was later recovered from a stream. An iron bar was also said to have been used in the attack.

He was last seen alive at 9.45pm on the Saturday night.

The money taken represented Friday and Saturday's takings.

The Directors of the Star Tea Company in London offered a £100 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer.

Thomas Thomas was unmarried.

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