Unsolved Murders

Karen Anne Reed

Age: 33

Sex: female

Date: 30 Apr 1994

Place: 31 Willow Way, Barnesbury Farm Estate, Woking, Surrey

Karen Anne Reed was shot multiple times on her doorstep on the night of Saturday, 30 April 1994 after she opened her door to a caller.

The police said that they thought that her murder was a political assassination and that she had been shot in a case of mistaken identity for her sister who was under police protection.

Karen Reed's sister's husband had been convicted of the murder of the premier of the Chechen republic, and the premier's brother the previous year.

When the premier of the Chechen republic and his brother had come to London in 1992, it was said that the Armenian secret service had informed the British secret service that the premier of the Chechen republic and his brother were terrorists, but the British authorities didn't arrest them. It was said then, that as such, the Armenians decided to take the law into their own hands and Karen Reed's sister's husband and another man were planted on the two Chechen's to help them.

The premier of the Chechen republic and his brother bought a flat in London for £1,000,000 in cash and then spent their time taking drugs and using prostitutes.

However, they vanished in 1993.

Later, the two Armenians arranged for some removal men to take some furniture out of the flat to Harrow, however, the removal men noticed a nauseating smell coming from the furniture and called the police who found the body of the premier of the Chechen republic in a furniture box. The police then later found the body of the premier of the Chechen republic's brother back in the flat.

They had both been clinically shot dead in the head.

When Karen Reed's sister's husband and the other man returned to the flat, they were both arrested. The other man hanged himself in Belmarsh Prison in June 1993 whilst on remand, but Karen Reed's sister's husband was convicted of the two murders.

Following that, security measures were put on Karen Reed's sister and Karen Reed.

Karen Reed and the sister had initially lived in Chiswick, but after it was learnt that people in Chechnya had decided that Karen Reed's sister had also have been involved in the murder, she became a target, and she and Karen Reed moved to the Barnesbury Farm Estate in Woking.

The house on the Barnesbury Farm estate, 31 Willow Way, which Karen Reed then shared with her sister was set up with a panic alarm for their protection, and later, two weeks before Karen Reed's murder, the police foiled an assassination attempt on the sister, saying that one of their police car's had followed a car on to the Barnesbury Farm estate, but said that the occupant fled on foot, but that after they examined the car, they found a pistol and a map with the Barnesbury Farm estate marked on it.

The police also found a large black handled commando knife in a black leather sheath, a black Delsey Bag and a rare Olney blue tartan cap in the car.

After finding the car, the police said that they placed high-tech alarm equipment in at least five houses, including Karen Reed's and also told householders not to open their doors to strangers, including Karen Reed. The police said that they also started armed patrols on the estate, however, the assassin was able to get through their net and when he rang the door bell to 31 Willow Way, Karen Reed opened the door and was shot four times in mistake for her sister.

The assassin was described as tall, dark-haired and to have been wearing glasses and to have been disguised as a pizza delivery driver.

It was said that when the man had rung the bell that Karen Reed had told him that they had not ordered anything and that the man had then asked her what the address was and that when she told him that he opened fire on her as she stood in her hallway.

Karen Reed had been a geophysicist.

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