Unsolved Murders

John Kensit

Age: 49

Sex: male

Date: 8 Oct 1902

Place: Birkenhead

John Kensit was killed during an affray when a file was thrown at him.

He later died from a septic wound of the left orbit followed by septic meningitis and pneumonia of both lungs.

He was a publisher and secretary of the Protestant Truth Society.

On the Thursday afternoon of 25 September John Kensit and his wife travelled down from London to the Music Hall, Cloughton Road, Birkenhead where he addressed a meeting.

The meeting finished at 10.15pm after which they were escorted to a tramcar by the police. At Hamilton Square Station there was a hostile crowd assembled hooting and shouting and so they decided to go onto the ferry. As they were going from the car to the ferry John Kensit fell with blood coming from his head. His wife helped him into the ferry building and found he had an iron clenched in his hand.

He was taken to the Liverpool Landing Stage and from there by horse ambulance to the Royal Infirmary where he died on 8 October 1902.

A man was tried but acquitted.

Just before he fell witnesses said they saw something flying through the air that came from the direction of three men stood near a lamp post.

Another witness said that he didn't see anything thrown.

Another witness said that he and a friend met a man and had asked him if Kensit had gone down and said that the man said 'Yes, I have hit him with something and nearly killed him' and asked him to go and see if he had cut his eye out but the witness could not identify the man and thought the man was smaller than the man in trial.

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