Unsolved Murders

Gertrude Smith

Age: 27

Sex: female

Date: 20 Nov 1924

Place: New Street, Birmingham

Gertrude Smith was killed when she was run over by robbers fleeing from a robbery at a jewellers shop in New Street.

The robbers had driven up in a car and stopped outside the jewellers shop of Messrs. Brights, Limited just before 5pm. They got out and roughly pushed a woman who was looking in the window to one side and smashed the window with a mallet. They then snatched a diamond star broach worth £800 and some other diamond rings from a tray totalling over £1.000 worth of jewellery and then dashed back to their car.

The robber took place in just a few seconds leaving pedestrians so astonished that no attempt was made to prevent them from getting away.

They then drove off in their car at a reckless speed and headed up Bennett's Hill where they ran Gertrude Smith over just as she stepped off of the pavement in New Street. She died from head and chest injuries. Several other people were also injured in the escape.

The car was found abandoned in Bridge Street two hours later and had a London registration. Inside the police found a collar which bore laundry marks and the letter H.

The man who broke the window was described as being about 23 years old, wearing a grey suit and cap with a dark overcoat, about 5ft. 10in. in height and clean shaven.

The driver was described as being about 26 years old and wore a blue suit and cap. There was also a third robber who also wore a blue suit and cap.

A £300 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest of the robbers, in particular for the arrest of the man that had been driving the car and running Gertrude Smith over.

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