Unsolved Murders

Ali Armagan

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 1 Feb 2012

Place: Langham Parade, Turnpike Lane Station, London

Ali Armagan was shot in the neck at close range as he sat in an Audi A8 car near Turnpike Lane in February 2012.

He was said to have been the head of the Hackney Turks or Bombacilar gang which had been involved in an ongoing war with the Tottenham Turks since January 2009.

Several people were charged over his murder but acquitted.

He had been sitting in his Audi A8 car which had blacked out windows at the time when another car pulled up containing two men wearing balaclavas. The two men then got out and walked up to Ali Armagan's car and fired six shots at him. After he was shot, he got out of his car and stumbled into a barbershop where he collapsed on the floor and died. It was said that they had arrived about 30 minutes after a man had made a call to them to tell them that Ali Armagan was sat there in his car.

Six people were charged with his murder, but none were convicted although some were convicted of lesser offences.

Two men were charged with murder on 9 March 2012 and were tried on 8 February 2013. It was said that they had been part of a hit-squad to target Ali Armagan that had been organised by the head of the Tottenham Turks who later fled to Turkey where he was himself shot and left paralysed in a wheelchair. They were both said to had driven the gunmen to Langham Parade on the night. However, the men, whilst admitting that they had been there on the night said that they had been involved with what they thought was a cannabis deal. It was also further thought that the two gunmen had actually gone to Langham Parade separately in a taxi. In court the men said that they were unaware that there had been a murder at the time and said that they only found out about it the next day. They were then both acquitted.

In September 2012, three other men were arrested on suspicion of being the gunmen and charged with murder. however, they were convicted of conspiracy to cause GBH after it was heard that they admitted to telling a crime boss about where Ali Armagan would be. They were jailed for between 8-11 years each for that.

Another man was arrested on 13 January 2014 for the murder of Ali Armagan and his trial started at the Old Bailey on 8 July 2014. It was said that he had carried out the shooting with the crime boss of the Tottenham Boys who had later fled to Turkey and been shot. The man was arrested after he had returned to the United Kingdom via France.

It was said that one of the men convicted for passing on information about where Ali Armagan had been at the time of his murder, had phoned him at about 3pm on the day, an hour before Ali Armagan was shot. It was also heard that he had been seen in Langham Parade at the time. The man denied any involvement and said that he had left the country after threats werre made against him alleging that he had been involved with the murder and he was also acquitted.

The shooting was said to have been part of a long running fued that had started in January 2009 when a member of the Bombacilar had been beaten up at a nightclub in Finsbury Park by members of the Tottenham Turks. The feud then escalated and in March 2009, Ahmet Paytak, a member of the Bombacilar was shot dead in a shop by the Tottenham Turks. In October 2009 Oktay Erbasli, who was a member of the Tottenham Turks was shot whilst driving a car. Cem Duzgun was then shot dead in October 2009 by a member of the Tottenham Turks and then in August 2010 a member of the Bombacilar was attacked in what was described as an attempted murder. Ali Armagan was then shot dead in Langham Parade on 1 February 2012 which was followed some time later by the shooting of the boss of the Tottenham Turks in Turkey which left him paralysed. Then later, in 2013, Zafer Eren, a member of the Tottenham Turks was shot dead in Southgate.

The gangs were described as being notorious for extortion and protection rackets as well as drug dealing.

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