Unsolved Murders

Jerome Vassell

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 27 Dec 2007

Place: West Indian Cultural Centre, Clarendon Road, Hornsey

Jerome Vassell was shot at the car park of the West Indian Cultural Centre in Hornsey on 28 October 2006 at around 1am and later died on 27 December 2007.

He had been in a car at the West Indian Cultural Centre when he was shot in the head.

He was taken to Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead where he spent five months and was discharged in March 2007 suffering from brain damage, partial paralysis and communication problems. He later suffered an epileptic fit directly related to his gunshot injury and collapsed and died at his home in Haringey Road, Tottenham in December 2007.

The police said that they thought that Jerome Vassell had been in an argument with a gang of black men outside the West Indian Cultural Centre shortly before he was shot on the night of Friday 27 October 2006 or early hours of 28 October 2006.

It was said that there had been 100's of people using the West Indian Cultural Centre on the night for various events.

Eight people were arrested for his murder but none were charged and they were all released.

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