Unsolved Murders

Ahmed Shah

Age: 56

Sex: male

Date: 5 Jun 2007

Place: West End Road, Southall

Ahmed Shah was stabbed to death in West End Road, Southall.

A suspect was later arrested in Edinburgh and later charged with his murder but there is no indication of a trial or a conviction.

The man arrested was said to have been a former tenant of Ahmed Shah.

Ahmed Shah was a wealthy businessman with an import and export business and a property owner.

His attacker had been wearing a balaclava and a blue boiler suit. He had lain in wait for Ahmed Shah in the street and when he came by he threw chilli powder in his eyes and then stabbed him multiple times. His attacker left two knives behind him at the scene. After stabbing him the attacker ran off along an alley and then off along Townsend Road.

Ahmed Shah was taken to hospital after the attack but later died.

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