Unsolved Murders

Daraj Asghar

Age: 33

Sex: male

Date: 5 Aug 2007

Place: Priory Close, South Woodford

Daraj Asghar was stabbed with a sword as he sat in a car on Priory Close in South Woodford in the early hours of 5 August 2007.

A man was tried for his murder but acquitted.

The man that was tried for his murder was said to have been a cocaine dealer and had been supplying Daraj Asghar with the drug. At the trial, the court heard that the man had told Daraj Asghar not to come to his house on Priory Close that night as his family were there. However, Daraj Asghar had gone to the man’s house and whilst sat in his car outside the man's house he was stabbed with a sword through the window of his car.

The man that was tried said that he had been at home at the time with his wife watching Indian films on cable television.

He said that he had bought some cocaine and had gone home at 12.30am after giving two men a lift. He said that he didn't kill Daraj Asghar and that he didn't hear anything from outside when Daraj Asghar would have been being attacked.

Daraj Asghar had been stabbed in the stomach with the sword that had gone through the window of his car and caused a 17cm deep wound. The sword was never found.

He was taken to Whipps Cross Hospital where he underwent surgery but suffered a cardiac arrest and died later that morning.

Daraj Asghar was a waiter and also a black belt in tae kwondo. He worked at the Rose Restaurant in South Woodford High Street where he and the man that was tried for his murder often met.

He had a wife and four children.

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