Unsolved Murders

Carol Clark

Age: 32

Sex: female

Date: 26 Mar 1993

Place: Sharpness Canal, Sharpness Docks, Berkeley

Carol Clark was found dumped on the side of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal in south Gloucestershire.

It was initially reported that she had died from a heart attack following a blow to her throat.

However, the police said that although they initially thought that Carol Clark had been battered to death, further analysis indicated that she died by other means, but they were not stating how.

When she was found she was half naked.

She had been working as a prostitute and was last seen on the streets of Montpelier in Bristol on 26 March 1993. Her body was found two days later in the canal on 28 March 1993 at 4pm, 30 miles away.

When she was last seen she had been wearing a brown leather jacket, black polo neck sweater, denim mini-skirt, blue shirt and baseball cap. However, her clothes were never found.

She had been living in a flat in Picton Street, Bristol at the time.

The police said that they thought that she had been murdered either on the Saturday night or early on the Sunday morning.

The police said that they thought that she had had a meal a couple of hours before she was murdered, something like a pasty, but it was not known with who or where.

They said that they didn't know why she was taken to Sharpness.

She was known to have used heroin and crack.

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