Unsolved Murders

Anthony Beyit

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 25 Oct 1988

Place: Ladbroke Grove Tube Station, Thorpe Close, Notting Hill

Anthony Beyit was murdered outside a pub by three men who thought he had stolen a jacket from a pub. However, it was said that he was the victim of mistaken identity.

A 19-year-old actor who had been in 30 episodes of the Children’s television program Grange Hill was tried for his murder but acquitted. He was also acquitted of affray but was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice after it was found that he had arranged for several people to give him a false alibi.

There had been a fight earlier on at the Elgin Pub in Ladbroke Grove during which a coat was stolen by another drinker on the night of 25 October 1988. During the fight windows in the pub were broken and bottles and glasses were thrown.

It was said that a group of drinkers then went out to look for the man and found Anthony Beyit who they punched, kicked, beat with a stick and stabbed in Thorpe Close, Notting Hill by Ladbroke Grove Tube Station.

A witness said that she looked out of her window and saw Anthony Beyit curled into a ball as he was being attacked with fists and feet by three men.

Following the attack, the three men walked away and Anthony Beyit then staggered off to a shop from where he was then taken to hospital where he died from his injuries and shock about two hours later. He had suffered two knife wounds that had pierced his liver.

The 19-year-old actor who had initially lied about where he had been at the time of the murder later admitted to having had been in Thorpe Close at the time of the murder, but said that he had had nothing to do with the fight. He said that he saw Anthony Beyit fighting a man that he only knew as Bones. He said that he then ran away after hearing a shout.

The 19-year-old actor said that he then made up his alibi as he was scared because he was facing a murder charge. He had arranged for his girlfriend, his brother and a friend to say that they had all been celebrating his and his girlfriend's anniversary together. However, his girlfriend later broke down whilst she was being questioned by the police and told them the truth.

He had spent four and a half months on remand and so was released after he was convicted of intending to pervert the course of justice. He was also given a community service order.

Anthony Beyit had been living in Sable Street, Islington at the time.

It was later reported in February 1991 that it had been Anthony Beyit's dying wish that his sister look after his dog. However, she was later made homeless, along with the dog after she was told to leave the hostel where she had been staying because they didn't allow animals there and she went to see a housing clerk at a branch of the neighbourhood offices to ask for new accommodation. She then had a row over her situation and assaulted the clerk there, pulling her hair and pouring coffee over her. She was convicted for assault at the Highbury Magistrates and given 12-months probation and ordered to pay £20 compensation to the clerk.

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