Unsolved Murders

Sukhdev Basra

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 10 Aug 1989

Place: Empire Ballroom, Leicester Square, London

Sukhdev Basra was killed at the Empire Ballroom, Leicester Square.

He was stabbed in the groin and died from massive bleeding following a scuffle on the dance floor. He was taken to hospital but died. The doctors said that the nature of his wound made it almost inevitable that he would die.

The wound had severed an artery and penetrated his abdomen.

An unemployed 19-year-old youth was tried but cleared of murder and manslaughter. It was said that a couple of witnesses had seen him attacking Sukhdev Basra, but the youth said that it wasn't him and added that he saw the man that did it and named him, saying that he saw the other man with a bloodstained weapon shortly after. He said that although he had been standing nearby when the scuffle happened that he hadn't been involved in it.

It was said that he had earlier handcuffed himself to an attractive 19-year-old girl wearing a yellow dress at the event but that she had objected and that that had angered a number of other people resulting in several people, including Sukhdev Basra stepping in to release her, which was eventually achieved. However, the youth said that it was some other people that had handcuffed him to the girl and not him.

It was shortly after that event that Sukhdev Basra was stabbed in a scuffle on the dance floor. He was seen standing on his own when a group of people approached him and one of them hit him in the face and then the knifeman ran between the group and stabbed him in the groin.

It was noted that after Sukhdev Basra was stabbed that the man tried had to be protected by bouncers at the club from angry people in the crowd.

The police said that following the scuffle they made a search of the ballroom and found nine knives had been discarded.

The Empire Ballroom had been hosting a 12-hour marathon Asian disco dance and had been attended by hundreds of young people.

After the unemployed 19-year-old youth was released, the police said that they would not be re-opening the case and that they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the murder.

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