Unsolved Murders

Brendan Hamilton

Age: 48

Sex: male

Date: 2 Dec 2007

Place: Asylum Road, Peckham

Brendan Hamilton was murdered in Asylum Road.

Two men were tried for his murder but cleared.

He had been beaten about the head and face.

Brendan Hamilton's ex-girlfriend said that she saw two men that she knew belting the life out of Brendan Hamilton inside her flat before dumping him outside in the street. She said that they attacked him after Brendan Hamilton kissed her in the hallway.

One of the men admitted that he had hit Brendan Hamilton but said 'Is there such a thing called self-defence. He tried to stab me and take my eye out.'. However, the other man said that the woman's new partner had murdered Brendan Hamilton and that he had stamped and jumped on Brendan Hamilton's face. The woman's new partner denied murdering Brendan Hamilton and said that when he woke up the flat was like an abattoir because there was so much blood about the place.

At the trial one of the men said that he had been Brendan Hamilton's friend for 10 years and that he had a gross dislike for the other man who was tried with him. He said 'I had known Brendan for ten years. I don't know what gives you the idea I would attack my friend with that man.'.

Brendan Hamilton was found outside the flat by a neighbour at about 12.45am on 2 December 2007. She said 'He was between the windowsill and the wall, and his head was stubbed down under the windowsill. It looked like he had broken his neck. His right arm was out, his hand looked quite swollen, and in the grooves it looked like there was dried blood. I touched the back of his hand, and it was cold.'.

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