Unsolved Murders

Beata Bryl

Age: 23

Sex: female

Date: 28 Jul 2006

Place: Hedsor Lane, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire

Beata Bryl was found beaten to death and burned in woods off of Hedsor Lane, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire on 29 July 2006.

She was last seen alive 50 miles away at Leytonstone Tube station on 28 July 2006 at 11.32pm.

She had been hit over the head more than 20 times with a heavy object and then set on fire with an accelerant.

Her body was found by a man that had stopped on a verge in the country lane to go to the toilet. He said that he saw smoke and that when he looked he saw Beata Bryl's body in the undergrowth still smouldering.

She was identified four weeks later by dental records. Police also found the remains of a Pegasus tattoo that could still be seen on her right upper arm. She was also identified by a snake shaped ring on her left middle finger.

Beata Bryl was a Polish national. She had come from a Gliwice in Poland. Her mother said that she didn't know where she was and said that a man had taken her to England two years earlier for what she described as immoral purposes. Her mother said that Beata Bryl had thought that the man had loved her and that he had told her that he would set her up in England, but the mother said that he was much older and thought that she was selling her body for him. She said that when Beata Bryl first arrived in England she seemed happy and would ring her and had said that she had some work and even went on holiday to France with the man. She said that Beata Bryl moved about and that she would send her food parcels and that Beata Bryl in return would send her money. However, a year later Beata Bryl told her mother that she was being molested and beaten and that when she ran away from the man he would find her. Her mother said that in October 2005 Beata Bryl returned home to her flat in Poland looking thin, exhausted and scared. She said that she stayed home for a couple of months but that the man started calling her everyday saying that she needed to return to London and In February 2006 she went back. Her mother said that Beata Bryl would call her in the middle of the night crying and on one occasion said that she had been taken against her will in a car by the man. Then in June 2006 Beata Bryl stopped calling her mother other than one call on 27 July 2006 when she called her to say that someone was threatening to kill her and that they were also threatening to kill her mother too. Two days later she was found dead.

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