Unsolved Murders

Tina Wing

Age: 32

Sex: female

Date: 28 Jun 1992

Place: Friern Barnet Mental Hospital

Tina Wing was murdered in the grounds of Friern Barnet mental hospital.

Her boyfriend was tried for her murder but acquitted. It was heard that he had been visiting Tina Wing every day for the previous few weeks, sometimes more than once, but said that on the day of her murder, 28 June 1992, he didn't go as he was too tired.

However, a local shopkeeper said that he had given Tina Wing's boyfriend a lift to the hospital. However, the shopkeeper's brother said that he thought that the lift his brother was alleged to have given Tina Wing's boyfriend to the hospital was the day before, Saturday 27 June 1992.

Other witnesses also said that they had seen Tina Wing's boyfriend walking along between the hospital and his home in Folkestone Road, Edmonton.

Tina Wing had been sent to Friern Barnet mental hospital after she set fire to the cot of her and her boyfriends baby.

Tina Wing was due to take her first unescorted walk in the hospital grounds on 28 June 1992 as part of her rehabilitation and to ease the progress of her entry back into the community. Her walk was supposed to have been for one hour only, but she never returned.

Her body was found later that day under a bush. She had been stabbed multiple times resulting in the knife breaking in three places. She had also been strangled.

Tina Wing's boyfriend was acquitted after it was heard that there was no evidence against him, only suspicion, and that the evidence indicated that he loved her and visited her regularly and spoke to her on the phone a lot.

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