Unsolved Murders

Mary Smith

Age: 72

Sex: female

Date: 2 Dec 1992

Place: Overbury Close, Northfield, Birmingham

Harold Smith 71, his wife Mary Smith 72 and their son Harold Smith Jnr 47 were tied up in their home at Overbury Close, Northfield, Birmingham and murdered.

They had been bound at the wrists and assaulted, battered about the head and had stab wounds and cuts.

Harold Smith had been stabbed dozens of times in the chest and neck after his hands were bound with a neck tie.

Harold Smith Jnr, who was confined to a wheelchair, had been bound with a dressing gown belt and gagged with a sock that had been pushed into his mouth.

Harold Smith Jnr was disabled following a road accident 20 years earlier and had lived with his parents Harold Smith and Mary Smith in a bungalow in Overbury Close, Northfield.

The police said that nothing appeared to be taken from their home and said that the motive was a mystery.

Their bodies were not found for about two days after they were murdered.

They were found in the back bedroom in the bungalow which was part of some sheltered accommodation that had been adapted to accommodate Harold Smith Jnr's wheelchair.

In December 2017 the police said that they were reviewing the case and reviewing DNA evidence in the light of the massive advances made in DNA analysis over the years to try and identify new lines of enquiry.

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