Unsolved Murders

Kyle Vaughan

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 30 Dec 2012

Place: A467, Risca, Wales

Kyle Vaughan was last seen on the evening of 30 December 2012 by his family when he left home.

Two men were arrested in relation to his murder in January 2013 but no one was charged.

It was thought that Kyle Vaughan was later seen by two undertakers on the A467 some time before his car was found on the same road at about 11.45pm on 30 December 2012.

His silver Peugeot 306 was found damaged, having been crashed, and abandoned on the A467 between Risca and Crosskeys. It was not known whether Kyle Vaughan had crashed the car when it had crashed or whether someone else had crashed it. The police said that they thought that his car had been involved in a collision. However, the police also said that they thought that he had walked away from the car.

Initially a missing person's inquiry was launched but it was later thought that he had been murdered and a murder investigation was opened.

Kyle Vaughan was also known as Jabbers. He was from Newbridge, Caerphilly county.

A presumption of death certificate was issues by the High Court in October 2016 in relation to his death and a memorial held for him on 23 May 2017 at St John’s Church in Maindee.

The police said, 'This has obviously been an extensive enquiry. To date; 40 areas have been searched, in excess of 200 people interviewed, more than 180 intelligence logs submitted and nearly 900 witness statements taken'.

His mother, who was terminally ill after being diagnosed with liver cancer in 2015, died on 1 January 2018, without knowing what happened to him.

Kyle Vaughan was from Newbridge.

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