Unsolved Murders


Age: 8 weeks

Sex: female

Date: 1 Sep 1992

Place: Isle of Dogs, Tower Hamlets

Kim died from multiple injuries three days after being admitted to hospital.

It was heard that Kim was beaten to death by either one or both of her parents, but that because they refused to talk, the prosecution was unable to say who was responsible and the case against the parents was dropped.

Kim's injuries included a 15cm skull fracture and it was found that every rib in her back rib cage was broken and that several were also broken in her front rib cage.

The pathologist stated that Kim had been battered to death having been gripped and severely shaken.

Her parents were tried but the case collapsed after they refused to talk. They gave no explanation for Kim's injuries.

Her parents were later rehoused by Tower Hamlets council and given new names.

It was noted that they had both been unemployed and lived on state benefits but that when the police went to the father’s address, they found large sums of money.

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