Unsolved Murders

Hugh Scallan

Age: 55

Sex: male

Date: 5 Nov 1992

Place: Milton Court Road, New Cross, London

Hugh Scallan died after being mugged on Guy Fawkes Night.

A man was charged with his murder, but the charge was later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

He was mugged by a group of two or three black men whilst on his way home from the pub. He had just reached the entrance to the block of flats where he lived in Milton Court Road, New Cross.

He was punched and kicked on both sides of his body.

After being attacked he went to Guys Hospital where he was seen by a doctor. After the doctor examined him immediately after his arrival, he advised he take some pain killers and sent him home. He said that he did not carry out an x-ray as he could find no serious injury. However, within 14 hours of being discharged Hugh Scallan was readmitted to Lewisham Hospital after his condition deteriorated. It was then found that he had a ruptured spleen and liver and he was operated on but died during surgery.

It was heard that it was unlikely that he would have survived the surgery but said that his chances would have been better if he had been operated on when he was first admitted to Guys Hospital.

It was heard that the doctor at Guys Hospital was told by Hugh Scallan's family that he had been vomiting and had been unable to control his bowel movements. A nurse that also examined him said that Hugh Scallan had been in pain with every movement. She said, 'I was concerned about his ribs and asked the doctor if the patient needed an x-ray'. However, the doctor said 'No', and told her to give Hugh Scallan some painkillers.

The doctors at Lewisham Hospital said that Hugh Scallan's injuries were consistent with a severe assault.

Hugh Scallan had been a British Rail worker.

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