Unsolved Murders

David Ross

Age: 39

Sex: male

Date: 17 Dec 2012

Place: Village Inn Express, Corby, Northamptonshire

David Ross was beaten to death in his hotel room at the Village Inn in The Jamb between 7am and 8am on Monday 17 December 2012.

He was found dead at 2.40pm on the same day. A woman that had been working at the hotel said that she knocked on his hotel room door earlier in the morning and heard someone groan and then went away. She said that when she came back later she found David Ross lying with a pool of blood about his head.

At the time he had been hiding at a hotel in The Jamb in Corby after his home in Chelveston Drive had been burgled.

He was a part owner of the Rubix nightclub in Corby and it was said that at the time had had been being intimidated by a gang of organised criminals who wanted his share of the business so that they could use it for money laundering. The club was new and had only opened earlier in the month.

He suffocated on his own vomit after being assaulted, beaten about the head and left unconscious. He had injuries to his face, chest and the back of his arms and hands which were thought could have been inflicted by a weapon.

The police said that they were interested in speaking to anyone that had seen him between 2am and 2.30pm on the Monday, 17 December 2012.

A member of staff at the hotel that had been asleep in a room there said that he heard nothing other than someone running up and down the stairs at about 11pm which he thought was another employee.

They also said that they were interested in speaking to anyone that had been in The Chocolate Shop in The Jamb before 9am on the Monday 17 December 2012. The police said that they knew that the shop was busy at about that time selling newspapers and other things and said that they were interested in speaking to anyone who remembered shopping there at the time or parked outside, or close to it.

The police said that they also had CCTV footage from the area of The Jamb and wanted to identify the people in the footage in order to eliminate them from their enquiries.

A man was arrested on suspicion of his murder in March 2013 but later released.

David Ross was described as a well known and popular man. He was also known as Les. As well as running the new night club he was also a taxi driver.

He had moved with his family to Kettering in 1980 and had also worked as a doorman.

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