Unsolved Murders

David Crowder

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 17 Mar 1995

Place: A320 Woking to Ottershaw Road

David Crowder was killed in a car crash, however, the police were unable to determine which of two financial accountants later found to be involved with the incident had been driving.

David Crowder was homeless and was hit by a luxury Rover car that was being driven by one of two financial accountants employed by Dana Commercial Credit Limited in Weybridge, Surrey.

He was flung about 15 feet in the collision.

However, after the collision the two financial accountants drove off to a home that they jointly owned in Birmingham where they had the car repaired.

The police were alerted when the person that was fixing the car noticed traces of blood and tissue matter on the windscreen.

When the police first approached one of the financial accountants about the blood, the financial accountant told them that he had hit a dog or a bird on the M40 junction with the M42.

However, the police later determined that much of what the financial accountant had told them was untrue they began further investigations.

It was found that one of the financial accountants had been was suspended from his job earlier that day, and that the other financial accountant was his immediate superior and had to carry out the suspension, escorting him off the premises. However, they were both good friends and shared a rented one bedroom flat in Walton Road, Woking and were joint owners of a property in Hollybrow, Bourneville Village, Birmingham. After escorting the other financial accountant of the premises, the two financial accountants went off to The Grotto pub at 2pm where they started drinking. They later left the pub at about 11pm, both the worse for wear. It was then heard that David Crowder was knocked over at 11.40pm.

They had initially told the police that they had left the pub at a different time, having convinced a pub landlord to back their story up.

David Crowder was found by the side of the road about eight hours later by a passing motorist.

Their vehicle was also caught on CCTV at 1am at a Buckinghamshire service station on the M40 with the windscreen of the car already smashed. At that time, there was only one of the financial accountants with the vehicle, but the forensic evidence showed that the financial accountant that was seen at the M40 service station had been in the passenger seat at the time of the crash.

The two financial accountants were convicted of perverting the course of justice and sentenced to 18-months imprisonment each.

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