Unsolved Murders

Frederick William Hancey

Age: 42

Sex: male

Date: 26 Dec 1902

Place: Horninglow, Burton upon Trent

Frederick William Hancey was killed on Boxing day.

Two Tutbury men were charged but their bills were thrown out by the Winter Assizes for lack of evidence.

Frederick Hancey had been kicked in the dead and beaten and died from a fracture skull the following day.

There had been a free fight after closing time on 26 December 1902 in Horninglow on the outskirts of the town.

Frederick Hancey had been part of a group of 7 men that had followed two other men for a fight. During the fight Frederick Hancey's son was said to had hit one of the men but they denied having hit Frederick Hancey.

A man said that after a fight he was running away when he met Frederick Hancey and almost immediately four Tutbury men ran up to them and two of them attacked him and the other two, the men charged, attacked Frederick Hancey. He said that the taller of the men struck Frederick Hancey and the other had kicked him when he was on the ground.

Several girls and women who lived in houses in the vicinity all declared they saw one or more men knocked down they differed very widely in their versions of what took place.

The court also heard that Frederick Hancey was drunk.

The doctor had been called out around noon on 27 December 1902 and found Frederick Hancey dying from the effect of severe injury to the brain. He said that he thought that his scalp wound could have been caused by the kick of a boot and thought that it probably wasn't caused by a fall.

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