Unsolved Murders

William Thomas Briggs

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 1 Nov 1930

Place: London

William Briggs was reported missing from his London home and never seen again.

He was thought to have possibly the victim in the Alfred Rouse case.

The Alfred Rouse case had involved the unidentified body of a man being found in a burnt car for whose murder Alfred Rouse was convicted.

The man had been hit over the head and then the car he was in was set on fire so that Alfred Rouse could fake his own death. Alfred Rouse had placed personal items of his on the man's body to be found later to make the police think that the body was his.

William Briggs was last seen leaving his house in London to go to a doctor’s appointment but was never seen alive again.

A tissue sample that had been taken from the burnt body at the time was later analysed and in 2014 a mitochondrial DNA match was made to the family of William Briggs who had initiated the investigation after tracing their family ancestry and finding out that their grandmother was certain that her uncle had been the victim in the case.

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