Unsolved Murders

Leza McCormack

Age: 34

Sex: female

Date: 28 Jan 2000

Place: Cardrew Close, North Finchley

Leza McCormack went missing on 28 January 2000.

Her former boyfriend was suspected for her murder but committed suicide in Bedford Jail by slashing his wrists.

Her body had not been found and it was thought that if he did murder her then her body would never be found.

At the time he had been in prison awaiting sentencing for burglary.

A few weeks earlier he had gone on the run after stabbing a custody officer in the face whilst he was being transferred from court to prison.

The police said that they had questioned him over the murder of Leza McCormack but said that they had not had enough evidence to arrest him. They said that they suspected that he had been involved with her disappearance but that when they had questioned him he had made no answer.

Three weeks before she went missing, her council flat in Simmons Close was firebombed and she had to move to another property in Cardrew Close, North Finchley.

Around the time that she vanished a blue Ford Fiesta car was stolen from outside her neighbour's house in Cardrew Close and the police said that they had also linked her former boyfriend to that theft. The blue Ford Fiesta car was later found about 120 miles away in Ruardean, Gloucestershire on 25 February 2000. When the police examined it they found a spade in it with fresh earth on it. When the car was first found it was described as a 'mystery car' and was traced to Much Marcle, near Ledbury, but it was later determined that Leza McCormack's neighbour had obtained the car at a car swap from a man that had been staying at Much Marcle.

In May 2000, the police said that although they had found the car, they had not found any evidence that connected her with it but that forensic tests were still being carried out.

Also in May 2000 the police followed a report that Leza McCormack had been seen drinking in the Saracen's Head pub in Symonds Yat, near Ross a week before she disappeared.

Soon after Leza McCormack vanished her former boyfriend also vanished, but he was later found after the police appealed for information about where he was.

After Leza McCormack vanished, no activity was seen through her bank account. It was also noted that if she had vanished that she had taken no possessions with her.

Leza McCormack had three children and it was noted that she had also not been in contact with them in any way since disappearing.

Leza McCormack was described as being 5ft 11in tall with brown hair and green eyes and when last seen had been wearing blue jeans, a light-coloured jacket and some trainers.

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