Unsolved Murders

Nasreen Akhtar

Age: 29

Sex: female

Date: 30 Mar 1995

Place: Cobden Crescent, Oxford

Nasreen Akhtar was found dead at her home.

Her husband was tried but aquitted at Oxford Crown Court. The case collapsed due to lack of evidence.

She had been strangled. She was found by two of her children, aged eight and nine dead on the living room floor.

She had walked her children to St Ebbes School in the morning and on her way back home called in at a friends in Marlborough Road at about 9.05am, staying for about 10 minutes.

Later that morning, at about 10.25am a refuse collector noticed that her back door was open when he went into the back garden to collect the rubbish.

A woman later knocked on the front door at about midday but got no reply.

She was found later that afternoon at 3.05pm when her children came home from school.

A video recorder had been taken from the living room but nothing else had been touched.

Nasreen Akhtar had four children.

After her murder, her family moved away to the West Midlands and had no further contact with the husband.

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