Unsolved Murders

Naveed Saleem

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 26 Aug 2003

Place: Wellesley Gardens, Moseley

Naveed Saleem was found dead in his car at about 7.30am on 26 August 2003.

Two people were charged with his murder but acquitted. After their acquittal, the police said that they were not looking for anyone else in relation to his murder.

He had been beaten and stabbed to death in his Range Rover car. One of the stab wound had severed a main artery in his thigh which had caused his death.

He was found in his car by his girlfriend.

Naveed Saleem ran a mobile telephone handset trading company called Beechson with his brother. He had lived in Hall Green, Birmingham with his parents and other relatives, and had been to see his girlfriend who lived in Moseley and had left her home at about 1am on 26 August 2003.

Police said that his murder was not a random attack and was probably targeted.

They said that they were interested in tracing a blue saloon car with three or four men that was thought to have followed his Range Rover car shortly beforehand.

The police said that they didn't think that robbery was a motive and that the motive was probably associated with his business or social life. It was later revealed that Naveed Saleem's brother had received threatening text messages in 2002 along with a letter demanding £500,000.

The key to his £60,000 Range Rover car was left along with his silver chain, Rolex watch and wallet with £250 in it.

It was also thought that he might have been attacked following an argument after he had left his girlfriends about his car being blocked in.

One of the men that was tried for the murder of Naveed Saleem and acquitted later said that he had been fitted up by the police and that he was going to sue them. The man had spent 16 months in custody. He said 'What the police did is that they tried to make an innocent man look guilty. They knew right from the start they had nothing against me. I have had my trouble with the police in the past and it has built up to this. I am afraid for my life and my family now. I have spent 16 months, two weeks and one day in prison for something I did not do and the real killers have been walking free for that time. At the same time, I feel sorry for the family of Mr Saleem and what they have been going through. I hope they do find who killed them.'.

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