Unsolved Murders

Gregory Dikedi

Age: 39

Sex: male

Date: 18 Dec 2005

Place: Taplow House, Thurlow Street, Walworth

Gregory Dikedi was found dead at the bottom of a window at Taplow House in Thurlow Street, Walworth, London on 18 December 2005.

It was unclear whether he had jumped out, was pushed out or had been assaulted beforehand and thrown out.

The pathologist at his post-mortem said that he could not determine whether the severe head injuries that he had were the result of a fall or whether he had been assaulted.

He had fallen 25 feet out of the window and landed on a high-level pedestrian walkway beneath. The window was in a corridor with doors to flats leading off of it and was probably large enough for him to have fallen out of. Forensic evidence stated that he might have been at the window that he was thought to have fallen from and pebbles were found around his body that matched the pebbledash from the wall surrounding the window.

There were no witnesses or CCTV footage and little forensic evidence.

The police had been alerted to his condition by an anonymous woman that had called 999. However, it was never determined who she was. When paramedics arrived minutes later, he was found to already be dead.

When he was searched the police found heroin and crack cocaine in his pockets and they said that there was a suggestion that he had gone to the flats to buy drugs.

Gregory Dikedi had been a City banker and had lived in Dover Flats on the Old Kent Road.

He was born in Nigeria and had worked in London for American Life. However, at the time of his death he had not been working and had a number of debts with people that he knew. He was also said to have become withdrawn in the months before his death.

It was later heard that Gregory Dikedi had also been involved in the drugs trade although his medical records didn't show any history of drug problems.

He had also previously been beaten up in February 2005 and gone to King's College Hospital with facial injuries where he had stayed for 18 hours. His brother also claimed that Gregory Dikedi had been beaten up again about a month before he died in November 2005 although there were no police records of that incident.

An open verdict was returned at his inquest.

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