Unsolved Murders

Hassan Mohammed Omer Isman

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 26 Dec 2013

Place: Avalon Club, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Hassan Mohammed Omer Isman was shot at the Avalon Club on Shaftesbury Avenue, London on Boxing Day 2013.

Two men were tried for his murder but acquitted. One of the men had fled to Jamaica after the murder, from where he was later extradited in January 2015.

Shots were heard at around 3am on 26 December 2013 during a private function in the Avalon club on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Hassan Isman had been seen earlier in the night waving money around.

He had been shot six times after which he crawled down some stairs to get help. He was taken to hospital but bled to death. His post-mortem took place at Westminster Mortuary.

The shots were said to have come from two guns, five from one gun, and another shot from a second gun.

He had been shot out of sight of the CCTV camera at the club.

It was heard that Hassan Isman was seen on CCTV to say something to one of the men on trial before moving out of shot of the camera and then being shot.

It was then heard that the two men were seen in infrared CCTV running across the darkened dancefloor with guns in their hands.

The man that had been arrested in the United Kingdom admitted that he had had a gun in his hand when he had left the club and said that Hassan Isman had shot him in the leg during the incident but denied shooting Hassan Isman.

The club had been hosting an event called, 'Circle Christmas Day: 7th Birthday Party', which featured DJs from Rinse FM, an underground radio station based in London that was noted for playing grime and dubstep music. The club described itself as a cocktail lounge with live DJs every night.

The club later had its licence revoked by Westminster City Council.

In November 2017, a 67-year-old man was convicted of conspiracy to transfer prohibited firearms and ammunition and sentenced to 30 years after it was found that he had been selling guns and ammunition that were linked to a number of murders, including that of Hassan Isman. He had been importing guns from the United States using falsely filled out customs paperwork that stated they were antiques and making bullets for them, and then selling them to a man he met at a Birmingham gun fair in 2008, who was a respected physiotherapist, who then in turn sold them on to gangs. Police found 100,000 bullets in a gun cage at the 67-year-old man's home in Hardwicke, Gloucestershire, as well as more bullets in a number of other secret places in his attic and bedroom. The physiotherapist was sentenced to 14 years.

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