Unsolved Murders

Sean Stanislas

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 22 Mar 2005

Place: Willesden

Sean Stanislas was shot outside his home in Willesden by two men.

One of the men suspected of his murder was later murdered in July 2006 by a man that wanted revenge for Sean Stanislas's death. The man had been in prison at the time for assault with intent to rob and had written to a friend saying 'It's almost a year since Stunts died and no one has taken any action.'. It was said that two months after he was released from prison the suspect was shot. The man that had murdered one of the murder suspects was jailed for 25 years for the murder.

Two guns were used in his murder.  One was later identified as Second World War 1943 Colt 45 and the other was said to have been a pistol.

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