Unsolved Murders

Frances Delores Lee

Age: 18

Sex: female

Date: 3 Apr 1904

Place: Birkenhead Park

Frances Delores Lee drowned in a lake.

Frances Lee was married and had gone for a walk with her husband in the evening. He later returned to their house they shared with his parents and said that she had climbed over the park gate and that he had tried to follow her but without success.

When they drained the lake they found her dead body on 3 April 1904.

Her husband was initially charged with her murder but later released.

A woman said that she had seen Frances Lee quarrelling with another woman at about 9.30pm on the night of 2 April 1904 in Park Road, East Birkenhead.

Frances Lee's father said that Frances Lee and her boyfriend had gone away together in February 1904 and that she had written a letter home saying that they were going to commit suicide by taking laudanum. He said that after that letter he realised that they were determined to get married and agreed to their union.

The father said that when Frances Lee's husband came home he said that he had lost Dolly in the park and seemed upset and was wringing his hands.

When a policeman called upon the husband to search for Frances Lee the husband admitted that they had had a slight quarrel whilst walking. he said that shortly after the quarrel he remained behind and when he went to catch up with her she climbed over an iron gate and went into the park. He said that he followed her but failed to find any trace of her.

The policeman said that when they found Frances Lee's hat near the lake the husband became very agitated. The policeman said that there were no signs of a struggle by the lake bank.

The husband was later arrested on 5 April 1904 but said he was absolutely innocent.

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