Unsolved Murders

Ahmed El-Hamid

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 25 Aug 2003

Place: Stanley Road, Teddington

Ahmed El-Hamid was stabbed to death in his car in Stanley Road, Teddington.

He had been having an argument with his estranged wife in his car when a man became involved and stabbed him. At the time Ahmed El-Hamid's three children, a four-year-old daughter a two-year-old son and his six-month-old daughter, were also in the car.

The main suspect was an illegal immigrant, said to have been an Iraqi Kurd, and has not been found.

Ahmed El-Hamid had driven to his sister-in-law’s flat which was above a parade of shops on Stanley Street in Teddington in the early hours of Monday, 25 August 2003.

The argument was thought to have started after Ahmed El-Hamid had found his wife with the Iraqi Kurd and had assume that he was her boyfriend. It was said that the situation unfolded within minutes and the Iraqi Kurd used a kitchen knife to attack Ahmed El-Hamid. Ahmed El-Hamid was stabbed 14 times.

When he was stabbed his four-year-old daughter had been sat next to him in the passenger seat and his two other children had been in the back.

An ambulance was called but Ahmed El-Hamid was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the attack, the Iraqi Kurd took a bus from Teddington to Hounslow and then took a taxi to Southall. The police managed to identify the taxi-driver who they spoke to but said that they were still interested in speaking to anyone that had been on the bus at the time.

The Iraqi Kurd was described as being between 5ft 6ins-5ft 8ins tall and was wearing a white T-shirt with blue writing, blue jeans and white Nike trainers. At the time he had had a moustache and was described as being of Arabic appearance.

Ahmed El-Hamid was an air-conditioning engineer and an Egyptian national.

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