Unsolved Murders

Christina Gray

Age: 80

Sex: female

Date: 18 Mar 1995

Place: Lansdowne Place, Upper Norwood, South-East London

Christina Gray was mugged in the street by two black youths aged between 12 and 14 and later died from her injuries which were complicated by osteoporosis, brittle bone disease.

They had snatched her bag away from her as she walked home from bingo

The youths were described as two little black boys who had been wearing hoods and scarfs to hide their faces and had been seen earlier in Tudor Road, Upper Norwood, between 3pm and 4pm on the Saturday 18 March 1995, up to no good, going into people’s gardens and tampering with cars.

Christina Gray had been out to the bingo club in Church Road, Upper Norwood and was seen leaving the bingo club on security video with her friend at 3.55pm.

Her friend walked with her for part of the distance home, leaving her at the junction of Lansdowne Place and Belvedere Road in Upper Norwood.

Christina Gray was then seen walking along Lansdowne Place by a witness at about 4pm, who said that there was also another woman walking along behind her, and the police said that they were interested in finding out who that other woman was in case she had seen anything useful. The police said that because the woman had been walking behind Christina Gray along Lansdowne Place that they thought that she must have either seen the youths attack Christina Gray or at least seen them running off.

Christina Gray was then found in Lansdowne Place at the junction with Tudor Road by a woman driving her car. The woman said that she said that she got out of her car and went to her assistance and said that Christina Gray told her that she had been attacked by two black boys who had swung her around and knocked her down and then ran off up Fox Hill, Upper Norwood.

She had broken her hip and arm in the fall and she died five hours later in hospital from her injuries.

The police said that they thought that the youths would have got a shock from finding out that they had murdered Christina Gray and said that they thought that they might have told someone about it and asked anyone that they might have told to come forward.

The police said that they were also trying to trace two young black men as witnesses who had been seen in various locations in the area during the morning. The police prepared a picture profile of the elder of the two men who was described as being black, aged about 20, 5ft 10in tall and scruffily dressed with unkempt afro hair. The police said that his companion was about 16-17 years old and about 5ft 7in.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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