Unsolved Murders

James Andre Godfrey Smartt-Ford

Age: 17

Sex: male

Date: 3 Feb 2007

Place: Streatham Ice Rink, Streatham

James Smartt-Ford was shot dead at an ice rink in Streatham in south west London.

He had been at the ice rink on 3 February 2007 as a guest at a disco. There were about 300 people there in total and the ice rink was described as packed.

Around 11pm he was shot by a black youth in dark clothing at the bottom of some stairs near the rink. He was shot twice but managed to stagger onto the ice where he collapsed in front of other guests.

He was taken to St George’s Hospital where he died an hour later.

Eighteen people were arrested for his murder but no one was charged. Seven were arrested on the night of the murder and eleven later on.

It was noted that James Smartt-Ford had been present and witnessed the shooting of Fabian Ricketts outside the Battersea Bar, in York Road, on 18 April 2006. Fabian Ricketts's murder is also unsolved.

Streatham Ice Rink was later demolished in 2012 and replaced with a mixed-use complex which included an Olympic-sized ice rink.

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