Unsolved Murders

Adam Regis

Age: 15

Sex: male

Date: 17 Mar 2007

Place: Kingsland Road, Plaistow, East London

Adam Regis was attacked by up to four men in Kingsland Road and stabbed on 17 March 2007.

He had been talking to his girlfriend on his mobile phone at the time.

He had been to the Showcase cinema in Beckton with friends and had taken a bus back.  He got off at Romford Road near Warwick Road at 9pm with a friend who he then walked home, and then continued towards his own home.

At 9.30pm two men were seen on CCTV getting out of a car in Patrick Road and it was thought that they then followed Adam Regis and his friend. They had started to follow him when he was with his friend and continued following him when he was alone. They were later seen following him along Kingsland Road. They were later seen getting back into their car and driving off. Two other black youths or men wearing grey hoodies were also seen running off along New City Road.

Shortly after, the police were called out and they found Adam Regis on the ground in Boundary Road at the junction with Kingsland Road. He was taken to hospital but pronounced dead at 11pm. He had a single stab wound to the chest that had entered his heart cutting his aorta. The wound was said to have passed through his right arm and into his chest and then into his heart. The knife was said to had had a blade of at least eight inches.

The car the two suspects were seen leaving in was described as a distinctive old-style bronze mark II Volkswagen Scirocco which has never been found. Seventeen people were arrested during the investigation but no one was charged.

Police said that they thought that he might have been a victim of mistaken identity or that he had been caught up in a gang feud.

The police described Adam Regis as black, with a shaven head, wearing light blue three-quarter length jeans, a navy hooded top and white trainers as well as wearing a rosary cross which he wore outside his clothes, and had pierced ears with studded earrings in each ear.

In March 2010 the police said that they were close to catching his killers and that they knew the identity of at least some of the suspects and just needed one or two more bits of information.

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