Unsolved Murders

Margaret Hawkins

Age: 87

Sex: female

Date: 18 Nov 2007

Place: Charterhouse Road, Orpington

Margaret Hawkins was attacked at her bungalow on Charterhouse Road in Orpington and died two days later at the Princess Royal University Hospital.

She had been attacked on 16 November 2007 by two white men who burst into her home and shoved her onto her sofa and then stole her property and cash.

After the burglary she was interviewed by the police during which she collapsed from shock and then taken to the Princess Royal University Hospital where she died two days later.

She had already been burgled twice that year.

The first man was described as being between 25-40 years old, very heavily built and possibly overweight, with brown, cropped hair with a swept fringe and wearing a white or light grey T-shirt and dark jogging bottoms. The other man was described as being between 25-40 years old, slim to medium build, with brown hair and wearing a dark T-shirt and dark jogging bottoms.

The police said that they were also looking to trace a black van that had been driving slowly through the area at the time.

The police later recovered her stolen handbag which was found at a garden centre in Chislehurst under a tree and handed into the police on Christmas Eve.

A neighbour said that she had waved at Margaret Hawkins on the morning she was attacked but said that she didn’t wave back noting that it was almost like she was scared of something.

Police said that Margaret Hawkins had been burgled in June 2007 when two men had gone into her house through an unlocked door. One of the men then restrained her while the other searched her house and stole property. Police said that she was targeted again in August 2007 when two men knocked on her door, but she didn't open it and called a neighbour which caused the men to flee.

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