Unsolved Murders

Marjorie Martin

Age: 30

Sex: female

Date: 7 Sep 1911

Place: Crowhurst Farm, Dormans, Lingfield

Marjorie Martin was found dead at her home. It was thought that she had died from inhaling cyanide.

She was a chemist and was found dead in her bedroom with a bottle of cyanide of potassium on a chair beside her.

Her father said that she had lectured and demonstrated daily with deadly drugs and that he suggested that in making experiments she might have carelessly taken out the cork and inhaled too much.

The doctors said that they could not find any traces of cyanide in her. They said that they thought that if cyanide was inhaled for long enough it could cause death but questioned whether a person inhaling cyanide might become unconscious before having inhaled sufficient poison to cause death.

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