Unsolved Murders

Irene Melling

Age: 21

Sex: female

Date: 14 Jun 1913

Place: Boston Street, Manchester

Irene Melling died after an illegal operation.

She was from Australia and was the widow of a sea captain in the mercantile marine.

She had appeared on the music hall stage under the name of Irene Sinclair.

She died at her lodgings.

She had left her lodgings on 15 May 1913 saying that she was going to London to have a good time and also for some special business and returned to her lodgings the following Monday and complained of being ill.

When a doctor was called on the Tuesday it was found that she had been in a certain condition. A quantity of drugs and herbs were found to be in her possession and it was known that she had been taking drugs.

At her post mortem it was shown that an illegal operation had been carried out.

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