Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: male

Date: 8 Apr 1918

Place: St. Thomass Cemetery, St. Helens

A baby was found dead in a sack at St. Thomas's Cemetery.

The body was discovered by a man that had gone to the cemetery to see the grave of his wife and whilst going along the main path he had seen a sack with a hand protruding from it. He said that at first he had thought that it was a dog and then walked on but on coming back he opened the sack and saw the body of a child.

The body was examined by a doctor who stated that the child had a cut right across the body penetrating the liver. He said that the child had had a separate existence and that death had been caused by haemorrhage.

However, the cut had been sewn up with catgut and he said that that it had been sewn up very neatly by someone with skill.

The doctor said that it was clear that the child had been done to death by someone.

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see Manchester Evening News - Monday 08 April 1918