Unsolved Murders

Sydney Evans

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 21 May 1913

Place: New Brighton

Sydney Evans died during a quarrel in a cafe.

He was a dock clerk from Liverpool and had gone to New Brighton on holiday with a friend.

On the Whit-Monday evening at about 9pm the two were in the company of two young women in a cafe near the pier. The cafe was very crowded when suddenly a man struck Sydney Evans's friend. Sydney Evans then got up to defend his friend but was then himself hit on the side of the head and in the chest. He then fell and never spoke again.

A doctor said that Sydney Evans died from acute cerebral haemorrhage. It was thought that he died immediately although he was taken to Liscard Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

One of the women that had been in the company of Sydney Evans said that they had gone to the cafe as a party of four. They ordered something to drink and a stranger sitting at the same table with a woman offered to pay. However, his offer to pay was declined and after telling Sydney Evans to sit down the man took off his coat and hit Sydney Evans, despite attempts to hold him back.

After the man got up and said to his female companion 'You had better come out or you will get into trouble.'.

A witness said that when the police arrived, they devoted all their attention to Sydney Evans and none to finding the man who by then had vanished completely.

Sydney Evans had lived at 10 Willowdale Road in Fazakerley.

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