Unsolved Murders

Anthony Otton

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 4 Jun 2009

Place: 262 Geranium House, Fulham Court Estate, Fulham

Anthony Otton was shot on the Fulham Court estate at a wake for another murdered man.

It was thought that his murder was in revenge for the murder of Darcy Austin-Bruce who who was killed outside Wandsworth Prison on 1 May 2008 and whose funeral had taken place earlier that day. The wake was being held at Geranium House at the time.

At the time Anthony Otton was shot both his sister and his mother were also at the wake.

The police and an ambulance were called out at 6.50pm on 4 June but he died at the scene. He had been shot through the heart.

Anthony Otton had been on a balcony in the flats which were four-storeys tall.

The man that was convicted of the murder of Darcy Austin-Bruce had been with Anthony Otton at the flat at the time and said that he had seen the man that had shot Anthony Otton but refused to identify him. He said that he had been at the flat which belonged to a friend of his when Anthony Otton went outside to go home. He said that he then heard gunshots followed by a loud panicked knock on the door and then saw Anthony Otton came back in and fall to the floor having been shot in the chest. He said that the gunman then came behind him and shot through the door and ran off and that he wasn't wearing a mask.

A man was arrested for Anthony Otton's murder but not charged.

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