Unsolved Murders

Danny Gough

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 14 Dec 2010

Place: Stockbury Road, Woodside, Croydon

Danny Gough was murdered in his home by three men that burst into the home saying they were police.

They hacked him to death with an axe and a machete.

They also squirted ammonia in the face of his girlfriend.

In January 2015 three men were tried but acquitted of his murder. Two of the men had also been tried in November 2013 but the jury failed to reach a verdict.

His girlfriend said that the men shouted 'police' as they stormed into their home. She said 'I heard a bang, someone coming through the door, it was really loud and woke me up. Someone shouted 'police, police'; there were footsteps on the stairs and next thing I knew they was in the room. They entered the room, three guys, and Danny got up and then they attacked him. They ran straight over to Danny, I went to get up and one of the guys squirted something in my face. My eyes started to instantly burn, I grabbed the pillow to try and wipe it off and by that time all three of them were on Danny. There was no sounds they were just attacking him, I thought they were fighting; kicking and punching. They ran out the room and then I heard my mum come down the stairs, I went to get off the bed and the whole floor was wet. My mum ran in and she had been sprayed as well, she was crying and was in a right state. Danny was on the floor he was just laying there. The floor was wet, it was blood'.

At the trial the prosecution said that the murder was related to a long-standing feud between Danny Gough and some other people over a comment about some wacky trousers in a pub in June 2010.

Danny Gough was also known as Daniel McGinty. He had earlier been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in January 2009 for supplying ecstasy to Cara Deary 18 at a party in Elmwood Road which resulted in her collapsing and dying.

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