Unsolved Murders

Barry Dalton

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 1 Sep 1992

Place: Alexandra Palace, North London

Barry Dalton was shot in his car near Alexandra Palace in London.

He was shot in the head at point blank range.

It was said that although he was the manager of a minicab firm, he had been also running protection rackets across London.

He had formerly been a bare-knuckle prize-fighter and it was claimed that he had had connections with the IRA in the south of England.

He was also said to have previously gone to a man's house after they had a falling out and when the man answered the door after getting out of the shower, he shot him in the arse as he tried to run away. It was said that he was just mugging him off and that if he had wanted, he could have killed him.

It was claimed that Barry Dalton's murder was arranged by a gang whose business interests he had been trying to muscle in on. It was claimed that they had hired a man that had just been released from prison after serving 16 years for armed robbery.

It was also claimed that his murder had been covered up by corrupt police detectives in the Metropolitan Police. It was said that an organised crime gang had made associations with corrupt senior detectives that allowed them to have investigations not looked into fully, as well as other things.

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