Unsolved Murders

Lilian Maytel Lilliman

Age: 23

Sex: female

Date: 20 Nov 1924

Place: 18 Fraser Street, Grimsby

Lilian Maycel Lilliman died from the results of an illegal operation.

She was the wife of a trawler deck hand.

A few weeks before she died she said to the woman that she lodged with 'I'm afraid I'm going to have another baby. Don't through me out' and further explained that the last time she had become pregnant she had been compelled to leave her rooms.

On 11 November 1924 she went to see her mother at 40 Fraser Street and told her that she was feeling very ill. Her mother told her to go to bed but she didn't get any better and so a doctor was called.

The doctor came to certain conclusions which were later proved true. Lilian Lilliman died a while later on 20 November 1924.

Lilian Lilliman's mother-in-law also attended Lilian Lilliman and on the Tuesday, 18 November 1924 she looked through Lilian Lilliman's things and found a box of pills which she gave to the doctor the following day. the doctor then came to the conclusion the miscarriage that Lilian Lilliman had had had not been natural.

After her death a post-mortem was carried out by a house surgeon at the hospital who determined that a criminal abortion had been carried out by someone who had some anatomical knowledge. He said that it was vert improbable that she had carried out the operation herself.

The cause of death was given as peritonitis following the use of an instrument for an improper purpose.

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