Unsolved Murders

Samantha Class

Age: 29

Sex: female

Date: 26 Oct 1997

Place: River Humber, North Ferriby, Hull

Samantha Class was a prostitute. She was strangled with a ligature and thrown into the Humber.

Her body was later found on the shore of the river Humber near to North Ferriby.

She was said to have been strangled with a cord or flex and beaten about her head and body as well as having suffered from internal injuries.

A man was charged with her murder but found not guilty. He was said to have had sex with her on the night she was killed and to have scrapped his car the following day.

Less than a year later he was convicted of attacking two other prostitutes and sentenced to five and a half years in 2000.

Samantha Class had been working as a prostitute in the Hull red light district for about 8-months. She was known to her customers as Zoe, Rachel, Little Sam and Sammy and would take her customers back to her nearby house where she lived with her three children.

When the police examined her home, they found six different semen samples.

As part of the police investigation the police drew up a list of 1,200 men that were thought to use prostitutes in order to take DNA samples from them. It was said that there were about 100 prostitutes working in the Hull area and that men travelled from as far as Nottingham, Lincoln, York and Scarborough to see them.

Samantha Class had a son aged 1 and two daughters aged 4 and 12 and on the night,  she was murdered had hired a baby-sitter before she went out to work.

It was thought that she had first become involved with prostitution when she was 17-years old but gone on to other things, but to have returned to prostitution at the beginning of 1997.

A man was tried for her murder in April 2021, a trial that is still ongoing.

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