Unsolved Murders

Dorothy Agnes Chant

Age: 28

Sex: female

Date: 14 Apr 1928

Place: Oriel Grove, Southcoates Lane, Hull

Dorothy Agnes Chant died from an illegal operation.

She died from puerperal septicaemia and there were good grounds for believing that her illness was not due to natural events.

The Coroner said 'We live in strenuous economic times when large families are a very serious matter, and the temptation to limit them even by this means, is very great indeed'.

Her husband was a seaman and said that he last saw her alive on 11 February 1928 when he had left home to go to sea. He was due to return on 8 April 1928. He said that she seemed cheerful and confided to him that she was pregnant but he said that she didn't seem to be worrying about it.

He said that he received several letters from her while he was away which detailed her condition that when he was in Cornwall he got a message and rushed back straight away, however, by the time he got to the Infirmary in Hull she was dead.

He said that she had not spoken to him in anyway about doing anything regarding her condition.

A doctor was summoned on the 2 April 1928 at noon and found her to be suffering from puerperal fever. He said that she admitted to him that she was pregnant and made a certain confession. He said that he attended her for three days and then ordered her removal to the Hull Royal Infirmary.

The house surgeon at the infirmary said that when she was admitted she was suffering from the effects of puerperal septicaemia from which she died.

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