Unsolved Murders


Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 9 Jan 1929

Place: Elmhurst, Seymour Road, Newton Abbot

A man was found dead in a garden shed that had burnt down.

The man's remains were described as being of an adult man approximately 5ft. 8in. tall and of medium build.

The fire was seen as a reflection by a policeman who had been on duty in Market Street. He said that when he arrived at Elmhurst a lady was already there and he telephoned for the fire brigade.

When the fire brigade arrived that put out the flames.

The shed had been about 30 yards from the dwelling house and was made of galvanised iron and lined with match-boarding and had a concrete floor. It was 6ft by 12ft.

The shed was last visited on the Saturday and was not locked.

When the debris was searched at 7.45pm the man's remains were found lying across the centre of the shed. Part of a pipe, a tin of tobacco, an electric torch, and a halfpenny were also discovered near the body.

The post-mortem stated that the body had not been dead long and that there were no signs of decomposition.

A police inspector said that no petrol was kept in the shed.

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