Unsolved Murders


Age: 58

Sex: male

Date: 15 Jan 1929

Place: River Thames, Bray

The body of a man was found in the River Thames at Bray.

He was found in the river between tow pleasure boats at the side of the river.

The Coroner said that the man did not take his own life.

The man was described as a well-dressed and middle-aged. In his pockets there was a gold-rimmed monocle, a gold rimmed pair of spectacles, an unused three-shilling book of postage stamps, 6s. 6d. in cash and a bunch of keys.

He had been wearing plus-fours of heather tweed mixture, a grey overcoat that was buttoned up and a pair of kid gloves. A wallet found on him that had contained the stamps bore the initial W in silver.

He was said to be about 58 years old with grey hair and a clipped moustache and imperial beard.

The police found no main leads although they said that a Yale key found on him might be some clue.

The Coroner said that from his experience river suicides did not go into the water with their coats buttoned up and wearing kid gloves. He said that it was strange that a man of his apparent position in life should have disappeared without anyone knowing of it.

He said that he had not ordered a post-mortem because the body was decomposed and had been in the water for about three weeks.

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